Beijing, September 24, 2016) Today, 1,600 participants from all walks of life challenged the 20-kilometer hiking route of the Great Wall to raise money for the One Foundation's Children's Care and Development Program to help children in distress improve their living conditions as they embark on a cross-country public welfare hike for the Great Wall in Badaling, Beijing. The situation. This is also the first time to visit Beijing since the launch of the charity business in 2013. Preliminary statistics show that the participants completed a total of 21000 km walking distance. As at 12 hours in September 24th, a total of more than 260 thousand yuan had been accumulated in the charity team.
Peer-love is a large-scale outdoor public welfare hiking activity that combines in-depth experience with happy participation. It raises money for children in distress by forming a team of four and completing the target mileage within a specified time. In 2016, the event landed in Beijing for the first time. It was jointly sponsored by One Foundation, Coca-Cola China, vivo smartphone and Skechers Sketch. It was co-sponsored by Beijing Foreign Enterprise Human Resources Service Co., Ltd. (FESCO), Shenzhen Mountaineering Outdoor Sports Association and Yue Running Circle. The company provides support.
At about 9 a.m., in the dawn of Beijing's golden autumn, 1,600 hikers set out in four batches to challenge the Badaling Great Wall. The ancient the Great Wall in September was perfectly interwoven with majestic and ancient vicissitudes. The 12 Beacon Tower can not stand down and meet the pier. Greeting the members of the ancient the Great Wall is a high and narrow step road and 7 stages of 40-50 degrees of rapid or slowly rising journey. The team members will climb the Beacon Tower at the highest point of ancient the Great Wall 7, and take the blue sky and white clouds and the red leaf cedar.
On the day of the campaign, Babel, a volunteer star of the fund, came to the scene and took part in the love affair. As a hiker, he experienced the Great Wall hiking challenge. "Twenty kilometers of the Great Wall, think of the soft and sour legs," Babel laughed at the first public-service hike. But it's amazing that hikers can stick with the desire to improve the lives of children in distress. They are not only healthy walks on foot, but also healthy practitioners of public welfare.
At 11:51 noon, the first team to complete the 20 kilometer the Great Wall hiking line was rushed! Their team number is BS154. 20 kilometers on foot, the Great Wall uses 2 hours, 37 minutes and 52 seconds! This champion team is made up of four men. They were very excited after the rush.
Over the past four years, 10 events have been held in Shenzhen, Hangzhou, Changsha, Wenzhou and Xiamen, involving more than 26,000 participants, 21 walks around the globe, more than 22 million donations and more than 126,000 fundraisers. Many health professionals have participated in many activities and become loyal partners who grow together with love partners. Mr. Yu from Wuhan, after attending the Shenzhen Railway Station in July this year, once again went on a journey for love, which is his ninth companion for love. "This time, I took my wife, children and friends, including my new post-90s buddies, along with me. They all said they had no experience and wanted to'hug my thighs', but as a team, it was not as fast as the slowest teammates, helping each other down that was a success.
In addition to the 1,600 hikers who participated in the down-line walking, there are many partners who joined the line through the Yue Run circle to love their peers in Beijing Station activities, to make up for their inability to participate in the whole process of the challenge. In addition to teachers, students, civil servants, white-collar workers, there are many running groups and club members. "Everyone loves sports, and now they can accomplish the same goal in different places and give love to the children, which is especially meaningful. We missed the registration this year. We will come to the team ahead of schedule next year. A netizen named Tina said. On the same day, more than 4000 teams from all over the country, nearly 20,000 players and participants set out for love, through the power of walking to light the exclusive electronic medal for love peers, for children in distress dedicated a love.
Health professionals use walking to promote the concept of public welfare, and donors are also using action to convey love. At present, the funds are still being concentrated, and the 2016 fundraising for the Beijing Railway Station will close at 24:00 on the evening of October 24th. The money will be used for five public welfare projects including the One Foundation Water Purification Project, One Paradise, Warm Bag, Public Image Caravan and Children's Safety Project.
As of September 2016, the Children's Safety Program has carried out a variety of child safety education activities in schools and communities throughout the country; the Water Purification Program has carried out a preliminary water quality inspection for 184 primary schools in poor water quality rural areas in central and Western China, and distributed 189 sets of water purification equipment. One Paradise Project is to rebuild music classrooms in 79 rural primary schools, train 115 music teachers, provide sports and amusement facilities for 81 rural primary schools, and train 124 PE teachers. During the summer vacation this year, the One Foundation public welfare image caravan drove for 31 days in Beichuan, Sichuan, and Pu'an, Guizhou, with a journey of 4327 kilometers, for nearly 400 audiences, including 275 children showing 11 movies. In 2016, a warm package plan for disaster prone areas and poor children was launched.